Presidential Blood

“Insanity is a better defense than innocence” On hot Sunday mornings the iron sheets would expand noisily, like background music for his speeches. In the scorching metallic heat his black face shone with glory while sweat soaked him beneath his navy blue suit, drenching his white shirt till it clung to him like the audience […]

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Written by Centfie Three years ago, my life was perfect, with everything going according to plan. Then my perfect web was tangled by the man I claimed to love. My hymen was forcefully raptured, in my beloved Kelley’s spacious bedroom. The four walls were painted white, and his curtain on the one window drawn. The […]

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How to be a great Husband

Originally posted on Akhy Mjanja:
Marriage is the union of two completely insane individuals who share the same brand of insanity, joined together in an insane ‘luna-trimony’. I mean, why else would it be possible to live with the same person day in day out, month in month out, tolerating their crap and still hanging…

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The Gossip Grandma

His hands always reached out for breasts that happened to appear within his vicinity. His office at the girl’s hostel was decorated by wallpapers of Biblical quotes and a portrayal of Jesus Christ. Yet his phone’s wall paper was that of underdressed women.

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